Saturday, October 02, 2004

Lose Lim Beh's Scabbard and Suffer!

M-16 bayonet & scabbard

First of all let me express my hatred for the RPs. It seems like they always yell at you even though they are at the same rank as you and they think they are so powerful. If their job is to guard the camp, then why are they staying out, and we have to do guard duties for them at night?

The condition at the guard room is horrible - there are many cases of theft. It is an irony that right in the heart of the GUARD ROOM - the highest concentration of regimental POLICE, the situation can be so screwed up. It is like you have the highest crime rate right in the police station - simply ridiculous.

I have already lost a helmet there while doing guard duty - I think some solider must have stolen it. We don't have lockers to keep our stuff, so where do you expect me to secure my bloody helmet? drill a hole and chain it to the bed? (Because of that unpleasant incident of losing my helmet in my guard room I started to bring a lock with me every time I do guard duty - I will lock the clips of my new helmet (it was $80 to replace my stolen helmet btw) to my SBO. Well, a determined thief can simply stunt both my helmet and SBO, but I assume that if he was just stunning a helmet and find that my one is hard to stunt, he will probably stunt someone else's helmet.

Ok, the actual story begins here:

I was doing my last guard duty before ORD. I was in a bad mood because I have to come back to camp in the middle of my clearing off.

I signed in my rifle at the weapon rack and take my guard rest. One hour later one RP come and tell me the scabbard for my bayonet is missing.

I go and look at the rifle rack - ok, MINE is missing. WTF. I pass my rifle to you to secure it in the rifle rack and YOU DARE TO TELL ME IT IS MISSING? The RP suggested that the guards from the previous night may have stunt it.

So after doing my first shift, I took down the names of the soldiers that did the guard duty the night before - they were from 46 SAR (not my unit, but in the same camp), so I go to the armskote of 46 SAR and tell the armskoteman to let me check the scabbard of those guards' rifle. (Thinking about it, I am only a corporal but I feel so lao jiao that I actually get the armskoteman to open up the armskote for ME to inspect). My Scabbard was marked HQ 90 in white, so it will be very easy to spot. But the thief may have scrapped it off because it was just painted in white (SAF insect repellant will remove it without trace - or just use fingernail to scrap it off). I just can't find my scabbard in their armskote.. shit.

The alternative method is to blame the RPs for it. I think they deserve it. Luckily the new RP sergeant is quite nice (as in new bird), so I told him what happened, and ask him to write a statement to prove that I have secured my rifle in the weapons rack. Well, I just get him to write some informal one (but at least get his NRIC rank and name stuff), and told him that I need that for my CSM, blah blah blah.

Well, initially I thought I was unlucky to be arrowed to help out my DyS4... I was a signaller by vocation and my PC arrowed me to help DyS4 regarding some signal logistic stuff, including handling of statements - loss or damage investigations. So I KNOW the whole procedure - as long as I have the statement of witness, I can avoid all shit. Well, may be if I was not arrowed to work in the S4 branch I wouldn't know the procedure and will just pay for the scabbard and suffer in silence.

So I know DyS4 quite well. I go back to the office to type out that sergeant's statement of witness during my second guard rest, and get the RP sergeant to sign the statement, and I "process my own case" - "Loss of Scabbard HQ 90" to the max of my efficiency. By the end of the 2nd guard rest I has completed typing my statement and report and give it to DyS4 to process.

The Verdict:

Well, I was like going to ORD already, but I heard that I was not guilty for losing the scabbard. DyS4 is nice enough to tell the RSM in charge of the guard room (I think was for CCO), and once the CCO RSM found out, he gave EVERY RP who were on duty that day (I think excluding the sergeant lah, but if he gana, too bad, I ORD LOH) 1-2 extras.

Yes, I have finally dealt justice to the deserving RPs. It's just suay you lose lim beh's scabbard - I am the Statement I/C plus lao jiao signaller - wahaha.


Momo said...

Hahaha! Reminds me of my story of my first extra in SAF..

Momo said...
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jon said...

perpetuation of a vicious cycle.

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