Monday, November 07, 2005

SAF Online Real-time RPG User Manual

I. Features

1. The most popular online game with more than 30,000 players, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Most stable connection (unless you KIA)
3. The most realistic and detailed maps. Users have the opportunity to unlock add-on Taiwan, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand special mission maps.
4. True 3D graphics with Dolby Surround sounds.
5. Most advanced battle fatigue and injury feedback system.
6. Wide range of mission modes to challenge player of all levels.
7. A large inventory of weapons and equipment to choose from.

II. Game-play

1. Totally random race assignment:

a) Air Force (Elves) – Dexterity +++
b) Infantry (Human) – Dual-weapon yielding capability
c) Commando (Barbarian) – Strength +++ (Berserk special skill)

Mystery race
d) White Horse - ??? (need special code)

System was known to be vulnerable to hackers on race assignment. Bug has been fixed with Patch 3.001a.

2. Tutorial Mode

Players are required to complete compulsory 3-month Tutorial Mode, upon which players gain familiarity with the game-play and menu options (none actually).

Players are leveled up and enter character assignment screen.

Characters include:
a) Medic (cleric) – healing ability (sorry, no resurrection spell)
b) Armour (knight) – mobility ++, armour ++
c) Guards (fighter) – strength ++

Selected players are sent to school of Sorcery:
e) Specialist: special spell “Knock it down”spell (Area Effective) – HP -3
f) Officers: special spell “Go sign 3” spell (single target) – morale - 10

3. Battle Mode

Numerous battle missions – sure to keep you up all night! Players gain experience point, and earn “Lao Jiao”badge when experience point > 100,000. Players also increase in rank and gain gold pieces to buy new equipments.
4. Objective

Accumulate enough experience point to unlock the ultimate artifact – the Tablet of Freedom (Pink IC).

III Warning

1. Players are required to remove weapons when logging out.
2. Players are required to log in on-time.
3. Game time are in-sync with real-time. Player may have the illusion that game time is substantially longer. This is a known issue and is not a bug of the game.

Got the idea from a post in a Taiwan game forum.


bunzterz said...

You forgot to add in one more characters

Artillery (Archers) - Long range shot++


Drew said...

Where is the rogue class? SOF? They can stealth in to disable target.

Also, TUANG buff. Chance on hit, 90% evade arrows.

kureshii said...

Hey, what about logisticians? Something like "productivity X 200% when placed near building" should be a really desired bonus...

nomood said...

funny, i'd have thought that logisticians would have had a -200% production penalty instead.

but, the 'clerk' class would certainly add a new dimension to the game. :) NPC, 50% chance of 'go sign 3 spell', 90% chance on evade arrows complete with a -200% production penalty.

iconoclasticbitch said...

MO (Arch-Priest Hero Class)

MOs gain the "so what I dun care what rank you are" Aura.

Aura is always on as long as MO is wearing his Arch-Priest Vestments and his Triple Bars of Supreme Power shoulder eq.

MOs are immune to the "CO's Command" debuff and the "2IC's Orders" curse. Unfortunately the "Wrath of RSM" spell can and will still affect the MO, though MOs will eventually learn to utilise the distracting power of Tiger. Beer.

Special: Attn B, Blessing, single-target cast. 1-7 days duration.

Players affected by the Attn B spell gain the "Lobo" status and may continue playing using only the mouse, giving their keyboard hand some much-needed rest.

Lobos may not leave the safe (non-pvp) city areas and are excused from carrying their armour and weapons with them while the spell is ongoing. However, they are likely to have to do area cleaning and maintain weapons for the duration of the spell.

Special: Attn C, Blessing, single-target cast. Unlimited duration.

Players affected by the Attn C spell are flagged [AFK] and may go afk as long as the spell is active.

If Attn C is dispelled and the player remains afk, 2-6 MP mobs will port next to player and drag player to the DB zone where the player must continue playing though he will no longer be in control of the character.

Kee Wee said...

My friend manage to unlock the India map!