Thursday, November 09, 2006

My share of army experience

Hi, this is my 1st contribution! X )

They say mothers have a share in army experience.

Actually female kakis (pals) also have a share. I did not know much about army (perhaps a bit from my father and the history textbooks?) It was until 1 of the 2 best friends was going to serve NS in 2mths' time.

That was when the big words “Oh sh*t!” appeared in my mind. He happened to be my interest at that time. Damn. There goes the effort to build up rapport with him.

I started to worry for him. A lot. “Have you packed your stuff? Have you brought enough to last through the confinement? Don’t act stupid or act gung-ho there! Please stay in 1 piece. Would I get to see you again” and etc. I was more like his mother than his friend. (maybe even more naggy than his mother since I called up especially to check on him)

Finally, we reached the day before the enlistment. I called him because he was ill. I asked him, “ Have you bring your medicine? All packed?” After saying that, I was speechless, until he said he had other things to do. I was left alone to bang my head against the wall.

That was it. He left the Singapore Island for that mysterious island, leaving me missing him a lot. I tried to understand, but got frustrated for several occasions during his BMTC. He just would not tell me what he was doing in there!

This was what i did in one occasion. Probably, it was the haircut that did something to the brain after all. I yelled at him through the SMS: Cut hair le, so cannot think isit? (sound harsh? But after a thorough thought, I gave up on this. Friends and I had a good laugh over it. Cos we think he might have got immune to it if the Sirs hurl verbal abuse on daily basis)

Well, it is just my complaint of a NSF …

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Anonymous said...

well at least its comforting for him to know that he has a love interest waiting for him when he book out. what i had was a lost love interest. lol. ORD lor!

RoOkIe86 said...

well, this boy is rather dense. he thinks i got too much time to waste.

ah.. in chinese, we call that 兵变。change of feelings. usually applied to e gal had change of feelings toward e army boy.

Mr Miyagi said...

I had a 'love lost interest'.

RoOkIe86 said...

"love lost interest" ? whats tat?

Scott said...

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