Friday, November 10, 2006

when you are always at the other end of the island...

If anyone's camp is in the infamous West side of Singapore, you will notice there's a bunch of people who dont wear green, yet as shag as you guys do. Yes, the university people. Somehow to me, the army people and the Uni people have something in common.

1. We are all stuck in e west side. ( Go Orchard? Nah, go home n sleep liao la)

2. Enjoy a gd 1/2hr or more nap in the "cheerful" orange part of our friendly mrt train.
(well, not everyone lives in the west)

3.we need to take bus rides to the super ulu places of the west side. (e Uni people hafta pay for their own bus fare)

4. Get to enjoy the "music" produced by the live firing. (e diff is army guys r the ones firing. I got super shocked when i 1st heard live firing.. =_=" )

5. Slog n slog.......

6. Munching on equally unhealthy food.. (fried food at unbelievable low prices!)

7. Sometimes, really yucky food.
I understand, army guys have no choice.. I sympathise greatly. Wish I could do something for u guys. I did try e green packet. it is just edible. (Sometimes, we can see some ppl dressed in green no.4 in our canteens..) well for e Uni ppl, its all luck n experience that you get to eat tasty food. e safest: Macdonalds

8. Dozing and nodding off on the way back home.... ( thats e best thing!)

9. the haze. we were not exempted from anything when it became really unhealthy...

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1 comment:

sy said...

Are you F***ing out of your mind?

NS guys simliar to uni people???

Eh eh. People go to uni VOLUNTARILY to learn USEFUL things,not go to uni to do SAI GANG (or get thrown in DB)

Eh, you've never done NS issit?


eh i wouldn't trade 10 years in uni of answering the most inane exam questions and dealing with the most stubborn administrative problems for just 1 hour in NS. There isnt even a currency in my mind for the trade. Hell, If the army offered to pay for all my uni fees, i wouldnt go back.

F***ing siao kia.