Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good for something

I've always told my non-NS or foreign friends that the Singapore Armed Forces are good at organising stuff, and they're doing a sterling job at the moment at tsunami disaster sites in Thailand and Indonesia. Of course, if you've watched the news, so are the armed forces of the US and Australia.

The Bronco ATTC (All-Terrain Tracked Carrier) was launched by Singapore Technologies in 2000, and my Army unit's been using it for various roles, like field ambulance and support vehicle to our armoured infantry combat team, but my fellow troopers and I have always wondered about the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of a such a lumbering automobile with a thin non-armour plated skin. Now, at least, it seems to have met its purpose. This ugly thing is probably one of the few vehicles that can carry people and supplies over debris-strewn areas and damaged roads, and the Navy's RSS Persistance & RSS Endurance are carrying dozens of these to Meulaboh in Sumatra.

Onya Singapore Technologies, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Republic of Singapore Navy, Singapore Civil Defence Force, SAF Medical Corps, Singapore Combat Engineers. Don't say I never say you good.

COE drop liao, but road tax still high for these babies

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