Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Recrudescence

As the reserve for the Padang guards, I never expected to be called back into action ever again after my officer allowed them to stay out and not return to camp till after NDP - effectively meaning you work 1 day and get 2 days off. So it was to my astonishment when in the midst of a lunchbreak whilst packing the NDP funpacks, my sergeant called me over and said that one of my friend couldn't be contacted, and I was to pack my stuff and head down to the Padang immediately.

Apparently, the duty times had changed from 12 - 12 and my friend who was supposed to report at 11 am didn't turn up and 2 hours of incessant calling turned up fruitless. He did call eventually about 5 hours later, overslept and in a blur about what to do, so I told him the best option was to report sick and to claim he had taken medicine. I know not the best advice to give, but at least it saved his skin.

I had mentioned slightly under a month back that I hoped I would never see Pte Khor again, (though my friends did jokingly mention he did ask after me) and I really did think I would never see him again, but alas as fate would have it, I would run into him again ... and guess what was the first thing he said to me as I stumbled into the room ...

"Hey friend! Wah how come you come back liao ... hey join my detail leh ..."

Myself - stunned in momentary silence, trying to compose myself ...

"Erm no thanks ... "

Then as with little warning he was in there as I entered, I left the room abruptly, preferring to hide in the next room. Its not like I'm trying to be mean or what, but as you should know from my previous entries, I just can't stand him, and some of his antics hasn't exactly pandered him to everyone around him.

Apparently one night he decided to take a nap on the grandstands and his partner left him there, and called the other 2 guards to have a laugh at him. He intelligently dropped his mobile whilst napping, and suddenly back at the ops room, unwittingly confessed to his crime in front of the BOS (1st sergeant on duty with the group)

"Alamak I lost my handphone, must be dropped while I was sleeping"

Spilt right in front of the 1SG no less, he escaped with a chiding for dozing on the job, and subsequently returned to pick up his mobile.

The duty wasn't as frustrating as it was with Pte Khor, and went by without event, though as we left City Hall, his 3 friends stood by and watched as we were coming out ... to see Pte Khor carrying the rubbish bag, ensuring the security guard didn't see him, before dumping the rubbish into the Supreme Court dump. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to taking the mickey.

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crackhead said...

wat is the duration of your prowling? do u only prowl at night?

Linus said...

nope we work a 24 hour shift ... prowling 3 hrs straight then rest 3 hrs ...

crackhead said...

wow that's long. prowling in my camp is 2 hours and rest 4 hours.

Linus said...

that's gd 4 u ... in my camp prowling 2 hours, sentry 2 hours ... then u rest 2 hours