Thursday, November 24, 2005

"$5K can don't do NS"

Be world class pianist can pay $5000 siam NS and reservist, be world class penis can downgrade or not? Cheebye!!!!


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kureshii said...

As an officer, I'm often told, "whatever you do, you better have a damned good explanation". I'd love to hear the guy(s) who gave the sentence explain themselves. Not because I don't agree with it (not to mean I agree, of course), but I'd really love to hear the reasoning behind such a stand before I make a judgment, because the outcome is so interesting I can't resist.

But I suppose such "matters of national security and integrity" are beyond my security classification, or that of the rest of the nation, huh? A world-class pianist (was he world-class yet when he 'pon' NS?) gets 2 years of his youth in return for S$5000 and a short voluntary term of exile, but the rest of the male population never gets the choice?

As a 2LT, every single day off my drivers take will be explained if requested. The senior officer(s)/member(s) of government who decided to give this guy 730 days off in return for $5K, please explain yourself/selves. You owe it.

This comment is classified STAF-IN-CONFIDENCE.

lun said...

eh jialat. my clearance i think until restricted nia. and i saw the comment!!!

kureshii said...

Nah, post it here as good as UC (unclassified) already mah actually...

And S-I-C basically means only relevant personnel allowed to read. Which I suppose should include all who are serving, or have served NS.

chrischoo said...

I agree that the sentence is quite unfair. I've met a handful of AWOL cases where these dudes get thrown into DB for weeks or months. I thought they were nuts to AWOL, and it's something I disapprove of, but to allow someone who is world class escape with a fine not much higher than a person earning minimum wage in UK is just unfair. I'm quite happy for the guy who escaped actually - I always am, especially for our NS boys serving the reduced 2 yr term today, but I am sad for those who didn't have the artistic talent, intellect, or financial resources to move themselves overseas and instead got themselves DB for AWOL. How can Mindef answer to these people?

al said...

eh guys, let's get this into perspective. if you can zao ns for 5k wouldnt you???

biang. i would man. so i dont really blame him lah. if you want, blame *$%^$@#% MINDEF lah.