Thursday, December 15, 2005


Range Conducting Officer: "Control to Chamber 1."
Chamber Safety Officer: "Send."
Range Conducting Officer: "Did Lane One hit any target?"
Chamber Safety Officer: "Lane One. Did you hit any target?"
Assistant: "Maybe."
Chamber Safety Officer: "Did the target fall?"
Shooter: "Should have hit."
Chamber Safety Officer: "?????... Chamber to Control. Lane One may have hit the target."
Range Conducting Officer: "Control to CSO. The score I have is ZERO. Please confirm."
Chamber Safety Officer: "Roger. Lane One. Did you really hit the target."
Shooter: "Kua Bo. Not too sure."
Chamber Safety Officer: "Chamber to Control. Lane One cannot confirm."


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1 comment:

commoneo_sensus said...

Miyagi san,

read you started your reservist last year 2004 and had 2 ICT's at that on that same year?

Mine started this years January and December ha ha! and i ROD on Sept 1990!

Whack man! and i thought i was cruising safely towards non reservist heaven. Days were the those ns life!

how to can write my uneventful life in NS and reservist in here? gimme the privileges!