Sunday, January 22, 2006

a plea; from a medic

with regards to medicals
Dear NS men, I'm a medic in one of the Divisions. I am the medical board I/C. I have been crucified and shot down countless times because I am not working fast enough.

To tell you all the truth, I have been working tirelessly to process your medical reviews so that you can be sent for downgrading as soon as possible. But because medical boards are only conducted at 1400 hrs in the afternoon once/twice a month because Chairmen of medical boards are busy Senior Medical officers. and the afternoon has only 2.5 hours; the board will end at about 1645. Do bear in mind that the Division has average 17,000 personnel, and designated medical board medical centres have other medical centres coming to it for board on the same day.

All in all, we board about 100 people a month. But my medical centre alone see up to 100 medical reviews a month. so every month is a mad rush for me process all the medical reviews, wait for the chairman to come; and then another mad rush so process all the downgrade results. It definitely does not help when the software your working with is still in its teething pains and have ALOT of hiccups. So waiting time for a downgrade to be processed is 2-3 months.

I do understand that some of you reallly suffer from bad injuries and illnesses and it affects your health and I am workin as fast as possible. I am the only one in the medical centre who knows how to do downgrades because our estab does not allow more manpower. I as a NSF will fulfil my duties to best of my abilities. All of you have sacrificed for the country in one way or another. This is the only way the country can repay you, I represent the country's gratitude and will do my best.

I pray that this short write up will allow you to understand the mechanisms of the medical board procedure and please don't comprain so much. I, a NSF is on the other end of your comprain letter suffering

P.S. this note does NOT apply to chao keng-ers.

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weeleeum said...

i feel your pain. PACES is a bitch, exacty like what those NSmen must love to do when they look for you with their Specialist letters.

keep your chin up. if anything, one day you might be able to do the same thing. look forward to that.

crackhead said...

i understand better how a medical board works now. when i got downgraded, i didn't even need 2 go 4 a medical board. the MO said its bcos i was on long MC. i'm glad i didn't have 2 sit down n wait 4 my name 2 be called!

ahdokboy said...

well it's been 2.5 months and im still waiting to be downgraded. Seems like my battle with this army will never end.

banzbanny said...

HAHAH, i ORDed in y2k, was refered to the medical board in 2001 for an old knee injury substained during NS, was told my status is pending downgrade.In 2004, i recieved total of 2 letters asking me to take order for ippt awol, i explained my case n was acquitted for both,in 2005, i went for my 1st ICT,at this point of time, im pretty sure my case has already been forgotten, n im still a PES A soldier.
I subsequently attended another 2 ICT's n passed my IPPT with good results(silver). n guess what, the medical centre called me up 9n march this year, n said i've been downgraded permenently to PES C. After 5 long years, 2 ICTs n 2 IPPTS's clear.
I guess its too little too late, n i actually asked to retain my PES A status.
Today,im still a combat soldier n will be going for my 3rd ICT next week.