Saturday, February 04, 2006

stories from my camp

i just want to share 2 funny stories from my camp. here goes:

1) I was doing saturday guard-duty one day. And as usual on weekends, there was a problem with the guards (I don't remember what the problem was). I don't know what's it like in other camps, but when the new guard duty schedule comes out in my camp everyone will rush to change with each other.

anyway, my guard commander (a 2SG) for that day had a reputation in camp. he also had a superior feeling about himself. more on that later. and since there was a problem with the guards, I ended up doing the 1st shift (8am - 10am) and the 3rd shift (12pm - 2pm). Of course, i took it all in my stride. after all it was a saturday.

Nothing much happened until the next morning when the sunday guards started coming in. My colleague was one of the sunday guards. He was the type of person who thought that everyone is his friend. So he went up to the saturday guard commander and started talking to him. And then he asked him if he sent the guards prowling the night before. This made the guard commander unhappy and he made ALL the guards do a turn-out. imagine doing a turn-out at 8am on a sunday morning. At the same time, the sunday DO came in (a 1WO). He saw what was going on and told the 2SG to let the saturday guards fall out. The 2SG wasn't interested and told the 1WO "wait sir, let me turn them out first." cool as a cucumber I tell you.

2) the second story happened in early 2004. my whole company had to sign a form declaring that we had no live ammo in our possession. This was done in light of a few people being charged for having the above mentioned in their possesion. On the form we had to say what our position was in the company (OC, technician, etc). When i was collecting all the forms back, I noticed what one regular wrote on that column. Although he's a technician, he wrote area-cleaning IC. It was absolutely hilarious.


ahdokboy said...

Ah, regulars. Regular specialists to be more specific. To term them "specialists" is too polite and a gross over-estimation of their abilities. As one regular admitted to me straight in my face, "If I had any skills, do you think I would have signed on?"

chrischoo said...

Well at least he's forthcoming about it. I knew this spec who was reading manga the whole day, couldn't pass his SOC, arrowed everybody around to do his work, and yet always spoke with an air of superiority. Talk about deluded. I think his speciality was NATO.

crackhead said...

haha that's a good one! my camp is full of those type of people.