Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A 2nd hand account of the Taiwan training tragedy

Mi brother was cleaning his riffle when he n his platoon (around 20ppl) looked up into e sky n saw tis plane in e sky flying towards them. Their whole company were in the shed and just rite mi bro's platoon was seated at e corner of e shed so only they saw the plane coming. They were amazed at how grand e plane was when they suddenly realised e plane flippin over (its pilots are flyin inverted now) n flying closer n closer towards them. In fact, it was coming at them!! Sensing something really wrong, tis group of platoon mate ran screaming into the middle of e shed to take cover. Before they knew it, e plane crashed into e small stockroom behind e shed. There was a massive explosion with e stockroom bursting into a wild big inferno.


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Michael Turton said...

Michael Klein has 23 pics of the planes final moments.

bdique said...

A very good friend of mine died in that crash, CPL Isz Sazli bin Sapari...may you rest in peace...

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