Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Uniform Fetish

I can't remember exactly who it was, but someone commented on Agagooga's post about SAF scholars that some girls have a uniform fetish.

I proudly announce that I am one of them.

When my ex-boyfriend (the doomed one who didn't last through NS) used to meet up with me in his Air Force uniform, I would go into ecstacy. I couldn't keep my eyes off him in his uniform, even though in actual fact he really is very scrawny, with small shoulders and all, and doesn't look manly. But the Air Force uniform wrought a miraculous change worthy of a Harry Potter spell (something that would go like "Deliciosious handsomious!") on him.

As for my current boyfriend (who's in his first ICT now, poor thing), I was even more ecstatic seeing him in his No. 4. Short 4, long 4, whatever, he looks good.

The BF is quite well-built and broad-shouldered, as opposed to The Ex, but wearing the No. 4 seemed to enhance his manliness. Somehow, in his army uniform, he had this air of menace about him.

Ok, The BF, who is honestly a hot-tempered guy and quite Ah-Beng-ish in his way, always has a pissed-off look on his face. But the No. 4 made him have this look: "You fuck with me and I'll break your pussy face in."

Major, major, major turn-on. (I think I like violent guys; for more info, refer to my blog here.

And when I saw my friend's older brother, receiving the Sword thingy (can't remember what it's called; is it the Sword of Merit or something like that?) in his No. 1, upon completion of his OCS course, I swooned and had to be steadied by said friend.

When my cousin married an Air Force fighter pilot, they had a military wedding, with all the officers in their No. 1s holding swords over them and all that stuff. That was when I started wishing I could have a military wedding as well.

I do have a few theories, though, why girls have uniform fetishes.

Firstly, when a guy wears them, it gives them an air of manliness, like "I will protect you and my country, even if it costs me my life!", a la Lord of The Rings (though we know this sentiment doesn't hold true for most NS guys).

And somehow, the uniforms, especially the No. 4, has this knack of making skinny guys look bulky, fat guys look trim, and guys with good bodies look like Greek gods. I don't know why; perhaps you guys, who have actually worn the uniforms, can enlighten me more on this.

I know the No. 4 is extremely bulky, heavy, hot, uncomfortable and troublesome to wear. I was watching The BF take a long time to lace up his boots, tie his garters, etc., and I told him that if ever war came to Singapore, we'd all be vanquished before the army can even gather itself together because the soldiers will still be struggling to get into their No. 4s, not counting painting camouflage paint on their faces.

But as for me, it doesn't matter how long the The BF takes to get into his No. 4. The finished product is all I care about.

(I know I sound bimbotic but come on, you want a girl's view right?)


Wind Feynman said...

I think the shoulder piece of thing makes the shoulder looked a bit broader, and then the velcros at the side of waist shapes up the body (without velcroing the sides, I think No.4 looked like pajamas... think of when you are doing Unarmed Combat).

Anonymous said...

sercurity guard also wears a uniform!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Agagooga said...


I look like shit in No 4 still. Not slimmer, no.

Anonymous said...


have you ever tried having sex with someone wearing it?

It's mind blowing!

Sheena said...

To Wind Feydmann: Orrr... No wonder!

To Anonymous 1: NOT those uniforms, dammit! Only SAF ones!

To Anonymous 2: I think we both have equally bad uniform fetishes. I forgot to mention in my entry that once, I was at my friend's house, and I just happened to see his police uniform in his wardrobe. And I literally forced my poor friend to strip and put on his police uniform for me (this is just a very good platonic male friend BTW, even The BF knows him, so don't go getting wrong ideas).

It's great to know that others share my sentiments!

To Agagooga: I wouldn't know man, put it on, put up a pic of yourself on your blog and let me judge! LOL~

To Anonymous 3: Rather a personal question, isn't this? But since I'm not the shy type, and consider myself an emancipated woman (to hell with any narrow-minded bigots on their moral high horses who start calling me stupid names like 'slut' and what-not after this) I will answer.

YES. Only with The BF (whom I've been with for over 4 years), if you're wondering. And YES. It is mind-blowing. Especially for me with the uniform fetish. I think this is why The BF refused to sign on as an army regular because even on those few precious days he got to book out of camp he was still made to wear that No. 4. LOL~

(Wow, I should have put all this up in my entry to demonstrate how far my fetish really goes. Just forgot to.)

Ivan said...

Hey Merenwen, if you really want to feed your uniform fetish, you can try going to It's a gay website I think, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to dig up pictures of guys in uniform. =P


Sheena said...

Nooooo!!! Gay porn is too scary!!!

Anyway The BF would kill me. And honestly, I'd much rather see him in uniform than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Lol. This is hilarious! Is it adverse selection that the girls who like guys in uniform post here or is it a national phenomenon? ;) I still prefer my navy blue pinstripe suit and fedora over any military unifrom anyday!


Agagooga said...

Girls like military uniforms, guys like school uniforms, haha.

Army recruitment ad:

"His turn-on: *Picture of Lingerie*
Her turn-on: *Picture of No 1*"

Sheena said...

Yeah I know, judging from the amount of Japanese schoolgirl porn I see on my male friends' computers.

Even The BF isn't immune to the overwhelmingly seductive power of my secondary school CHIJ pinafore.

(Oops. Too much info there, haha.)

Somehow I think many more men would be tempted into signing on if SAF recruitment ads featured hunks wearing No. 4s being surrounded by crowds of admiring, submissive, worshipping babes, as opposed to the current ads featuring not-so-handsome guys crawling on all fours, covered with mud, sweat and camouflage paint.

Agagooga said...

Jap schoolgirl porn is dumb. They're all 20+ years old.

Your friends show you their porn? Or you go look around? :0

Information overload is good! Information powers the free market. So anyway it's a quid pro quo. He wears his uniform, you wear yours. Everyone is happy. Including those (both male and female) who live vicariously through your experiences.

Nah the feminists would complain.

Anonymous said...

Errm dunno why my post was removed. I don't remember posting anything overtly lurid or offensive, and certainly nothing that crossed the line that Merenwen set as the tenor for this subject.

Since more detailed psychoanalysis on why women like myself love military uniforms seems to be not permitted, i'd just proclaim I love them boys in green!

And this weekend, when I see mine, i'm going to make sure he feels that the Army is the best thing that's ever happened to him!

xiao nu ren

Sheena said...

To xiao nu ren: I was also just wondering why the heck your post was removed! I have no idea why your post was removed either, I certainly didn't do it. And I'm not the blog administrator, so I have no power over removing comments. I thought whoever it was would rather have removed my (and some others') sexually explicit comments!

And anyway, Agagooga, I DON'T go looking for Jap schoolgirl porn. I'm heterosexual, for goodness' sake. I just happen to have some perverse male friends who like to show me certain pictures they like and "ask my opinion", dunno for what also.

Agagooga said...

Your male friends must think highly of your tolerance level, then. Good for you. I hope it was softcore at least. Unless you're one of the rare females not offended by pornography (but strangely remain unoffended by Romance Novels). In which case: doubly good for you :)

Someone should set up a porn site with men in Army uniforms and women in school uniforms. They'd kill 2 birds with one stone. Smashing.

Anonymous said...

Another girl who goes by the blogger handle, Scarlett Ting in the SAFOS thread commented that she needs to be restrained in the presence of boys in green too. =P

Sheena said...

Agagooga: Well I have nothing against porn (unless it's in The BF's computer, or the types that degrade women [rape, S & M kinda stuff], or paedophilic). I'm a big hentai fan myself, I think it's funny! Probably my male pals show me such pics because they know all that. And I detest stupid soppy romance novels, so yeah like you said, I'm an abnormal girl.

And great idea about the porn site! You provide the pics of women in uniform, I'll provide the pics of men in uniform, and we will charge people for the viewing and make big bucks! Mwahahahaha... *evil laughter*

To Anonymous: Scarlett Ting, and anyone else like her (and me), with such a fetish, I welcome as my bosom buddies with open arms.

Anonymous said...


xiao nu ren

Mr Miyagi said...

Errr, administrator with butter fingers here. Sorry I removed your comment, xiaonuren. Here 'tis:
Your uniform fetish is mild compared to mine.

Besides myself, I personally know a few other girls who have it.

The Army uniform miraculously makes a man look manly, strong, self sacrificial and commanding. A uniformed man makes me, and many other women I believe, feel protected. And appeals to the xiao nu ren type of women. Even if you can't bring yourself to admit it to your friends, you are that sort deep down.

I didn't just get excited by any guy wearing the no.4(Reservist, NS Man). I wanted for myself, a career soldier, so that at least I know he embodies the spirit that the uniformed fantasy is supposed to make him embody. Even if he doesn't really, the fact that he's supposed to is something of considerable value to me. And not just any civilian posing as a soldier by wearing the No.4 once a year, not that they do it with great desire and unbridled willingness.

I saw this guy in his No.4 the other day in town. He looked so cute and dashing in it, i had to pick my tongue up from the floor.

Luckily, my own guy in No.4 isn't too bad either. Well, as I said, I wanted one, so I went out and got myself one. =)

Posted by Anonymous to Days Were The Those at 12/9/2004 04:49:00 PM

Agagooga said...

You're so mean to your bf! Unless you ban only pics of other girls. Erm.

Actually I meant men in military uniforms getting it on with women in school uniforms :P

Not all BDSM demeans women. I understand that many men like to be dominated, so there's BDSM porn that caters to them.

Anyway most porn is bad, stupid and in poor taste. I don't know why almost all guys like it.

Anonymous said...

putting an army uniform on a regular is like putting and shirt and tie on a dog. simple as that.

Marla S said...

Ah! I saw my name! Actually, had wanted to blog about MY fetish for guys in uniform. Seriously, even when I walk on the streets, I would watch the backview of the guys in uniform, and giggle myself silly and blushing at the same time *beams*

well, backviews, simply cos they look better that way, more room for fanta...erm, imagination I mean.

I adore the whole boots/number 4 ensemble... OMG.. that's freaking, freaking, sizzling.... wooohooo.... *stammer* *trip over words*

I don't know what to say.

I used to beam like a silly schoolgirl(no, i didn't actually dress up like a schoolgirl) when my bf returns home in his uniform.

I even.... tried his 2 diff uniforms on cos i tot the uniform looked yummy!

somehow, number 4 makes them looks as if they have all authority over me, and that... they are in control. *roarrrrrrr*

it makes them extra cuddly too(when they are in a clean set, that is)

absolutely yummy.

I guess, it's the RAW, primitive design of the uniform... hehehe..

geee, i can go on and on, but it would almost be unprintable.

somebody stop me, please.

Oh, did I forget to set my nick as anonymous to keep my identity confidential?

Anonymous said...

Uh... guys, does anyone have a thing for girls in No. 4? Not school uniform (even though that's attractive in a different way)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:07am, that's not a nice thing to say at all. Please don't generalise.

Sheena said...

Agagooga: THAT kind of porn would set feminists coming after us with axes. But I'll still set it up with you if it guarantees me big bucks!

Scarlett: I know exactly what you mean! Everytime I'm out and see a guy in uniform I have to be dragged away, kicking and screaming, by my friends! LOL~

And since in normal times I'M the one being dominant over The BF, it feels damn good when once in a while he puts that uniform on, gets that menacing look and starts ordering me around authoritatively.

Ok stop. Any more and it will be unprintable.

Anonymous said...

Merenwen: your bf isn't a regular right? You mean you make him don the uniform frequently just for you even though he's not longer in service?

Sheena said...

Well, I want him to be a regular (very badly) but he simply refuses, and he's got his own job outside already since he's ORD-ed. So yes, sometimes I make him put it on just for me to admire. I like the boots most of all from the entire uniform, dunno why also...

Anonymous said...

Well, your obsession is more serious that I had thought. For me, I switched bfs, from a civilian to a regular to get what I want.

Agagooga said...

Anonymous 12:27 PM: Stereotypes exist and endure because, very often, they're true.

So smart. You be dominant when it's important, and make him dominate you when it's not, solely for your pleasure. Very good move. (... women.)

You 2 girls with army uniform fetishes should go talk to each other so you can gush hahahaha. Too bad I only have one's ICQ contact, and I bet my horses the other uses only M$N.

Anonymous said...

The generalisation is highly suspect and dubious. My current bf who's a regular is easily the most brilliant among all the bfs i've had.

Sheena said...

Anonymous 2:21 pm: Well, you were lucky to be able to snag a regular (how I WISH my bf was one!).

But it's not so easy for me, 'cause 1) I've been with The BF for over 4 years, quite satisfactorily, and I do love him dearly despite the fact that he refuses to sign on, and 2) the streets of Singapore ain't exactly paved with SAF regulars just lying around waiting for me to pick one. Sigh.

Agagooga said...

Anonymous 2:43 PM:

Most slaves would argue that the generalisation is true. Maybe your bf is the exception that proves the rule.

Anyway generalisations and stereotypes generally exist because they are true more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Merenwen: oh you like the boots best? I like the collar and cap best! =p

I wasn't so "lucky" to snag a regular. I actually took some proactive steps to get what I want, as I have very specific and finicky criteria about the regular I want.

Actually you're wrong about the 2nd point. There are plenty of SAF regulars who are single and they can be found easily in clubs fishing for their dream mate. I can't vouch for their quality though. My bf is one of those guys who hate smoky places and the last time he went clubbing was after his A levels.

Agagooga, I sincerely doubt the veracity of the generalisation. As I've said, my present bf is easily the most brilliant among the bfs i've had. And at the risk of coming across like I'm bragging, I do not accept anyone as a bf he meets rather high standards in the departments of brains AND brawn.

Anonymous said...

Left out a word. correction: At the risk of coming across like I'm bragging, I do not accept anyone as a bf UNLESS he meets rather high standards in the departments of brains AND brawn.

Anonymous said...

Merenwen, the key is to snag a guy who looks good anyway without the uniform. Think about it, every guy gets to wear the No.4 because all Singaporean males have to serve their NS. So why should that make anyone who wears the No.4 more privileged in any way? If the guy looks good wearing boring civilian clothes, he'll definitely make you swoon when he wears the No.4. Having a bf who's a regular just means you get to see him in No.4 a lot more often, that's the only difference. And oh, if you believe the macho and self sacrificing thing that soldiers are SUPPOSED to possess, that's another kick in the sack too.

Sheena said...

Woah woah I'm getting a lot of tips suddenly on how to snag a regular! PLEASE PLEEEEASE don't tempt me... The BF reads this blog too!

In the meantime, I shall simply try my best to get The BF to sign on (actually I've been trying for 2.5 years but it doesn't seem to be working... maybe you chaps could give me tips on how to persuade him instead).

Anonymous 6:17 pm: Anyway, I agree that the guys you find in pubs are generally not to be trusted. You really are lucky, despite all the proactive steps you initiated. Seriously, how many single guys are there left in SG who don't club, are trustworthy, has brawn, brains AND is a regular?

The BF has all of the above, actually, except the regular and occasionally, the brains. So yeah, I just need HIM to sign on and I'll have the (almost) perfect man!

Anonymous 6:26 pm: The BF already looks good enough out of uniform, but MUCH MUCH MUCH yummier in it.

Well, he looks good out of uniform if he chooses to dress up and ditch his pasar malam WWE "NWO" tees, his pasar malam bermudas, and pasar malam slippers, which unfortunately is his normal dress code, until I drag him, kicking and screaming, to change into things more presentable. And then I'll assure him that he looks completely desirable in his new clothing, but he'll complain all the way that they're uncomfortable. Men!

The BF's dress sense is one of those instances where he shows he doesn't have brains.

Agagooga said...

Fortunately, men do not have the gender defect that women have, which equates looking good with self-worth.

Anonymous said...

Merenwen: hahahaha you're hilarious, girl! You can never make someone with no intentions of signing on to sign on just because his girlfriend has a uniform fetish.

I've tried that with my ex bf and it didn't work. If they never had soldiering instincts in them, there's no chance in hell they would subject themselves to a so-called regimented lifestyle because their gfs get off looking at them in the attire.

My ex used to go "Good Grief!" whenever I broached the topic to him and asked him if he would consider pledging his whole life irreversibly to a regimented force and a complete change of career directions just so I can satiate my military uniform fetish.

I guess you can say i'm lucky to have found my guy =P. Despite all the proactive steps I took to get what I want, I found the candidates rather unsatisfactory in terms of their physical appearance. I finally found the perfect package in a completely unexpected happenstance that's nothing short of a serendipity =p so maybe the saying "the best things happen when you least expect it" is true.

Mine looks good in his usual clothes, i gotta give him credit for having rather errm agreeable dress sense. But i'm never more excited when he's in his No.4. Hehehe!

Agagooga: LOL. No comments.

Anonymous said...

Wah lao eh, please lah ah lians, the no. 1 uniforms look like fucking waiters uniforms ! Reading this makes me feel like burning my fucking no. 4 uniforms !

Anonymous said...

Yes i agree No.1 looks like waiter's uniform! I personally like No.4 only. I think No.3 looks terrible on my bf too.

Sheena said...

Excuse me, but I am extremely offended at being referred to as an "Ah Lian". I would like you to know, Anonymous 5:59 am, that I most definitely do not belong to that particular category of females. Simply judging from my standard of spoken and written English ALONE (and my abysmally low standard of spoken and written Mandarin), it should be well-known to all and sundry that I am, in fact, possessed of more intelligence and greater ambitions than most "Ah Lians", most of whom seem content to be dyed-blond-rebonded-hair arm trophies for men. I, on the other hand, have higher standards for myself. I choose a man as MY arm trophy.

And in the first place, it is completely within my rights to be entitled to have a No. 4 uniform fetish. I'm sorry if my fetish offends you, but then you don't have to read my posts.

k said...

LOL, ma' got me rolling on the floor with laughter there. sorry i didn't post earlier - just got back from brunei (refer to post on dec 22). if you aks me, the main reason why the no 4 makes us looks so good is because it' darn THICK! it's troublesome to put on, but that's the thing about it: you can put it on in 1 minute, or 10 minutes, depending on how much time you have to spare and how neat you want to look.

you haven't seen the really dapper uniforms yet - the brand new ones, waist velcroed all the way to hte back, with epaulettes (shoulder boards) on, and numerous badges above the left breast pocket and on hte left sleeve. those are just scary.

you want hot SAF uniform photos? just hang on in there, i'm getting a collection. have the no. 4 and no. 1 already, once i go over to the airforce should be getting my no. 3 soon. the photos will have to wait til post-gym training tho... ;-)

Sheena said...

My boy, you are making me drool with anticipation. And I have a boyfriend. This is so, so, SO evil of you.

But I still want the pics anyway please pleeeeease!!!

Agagooga said...

Tut tut. Moral degeneration.

Anonymous said...

Still dare to say not ah lian !

Sheena said...

I am taking great umbrage at being called an "Ah Lian"! I repeat, those females are content being arm trophies for men. Me, I choose men to be my arm trophies (hence the constant lookout for regulars and guys in their SAF uniforms).

However, if you are trying to say I am a bimbo, then fine. Better than "Ah Lian" anyway (because I speak and write in perfect English). But I must emphasise, I morph into bimbo mode only for guys in uniform, Shinji Ono, Jay Chou, and Orlando Bloom. The rest of the time I'm a perfectly rational, reasonably intelligent, almost exclusively English-speaking, highly articulate, (together now, Agagooga!)non-anorexic, non-shrill female (someone who's really hard to find in Singapore nowadays).

And for the last time, DON'T refer to me as an "Ah Lian" or I'll ask my boyfriend to break your pussy face in.

P/S: That last remark is a joke, ok? I don't want this to degenerate into a flame war. And I reiterate, I am NOT an AH Lian and I positively detest being called one.

Anonymous said...

Merenwen: Why get so bothered by the inane comments of lesser beings? I couldn't be bothered at all. To begin with, I don't see the correlation between uniform loving and being an 'ah lian'. Do many 'ah bengs' wear the army uniform? Is there a higher incidence of 'ah bengs' wearing any type of uniform (maybe waiter's uniform yes) than 'non ah bengs'? Since all Singaporean males have to wear the No.4 at any given point in time, there is no cogent sense in the allegation.

I hardly bother myself with remarks i deem unworthy or made by people who are trifling to me.

But what's with the 'good english, poor mandarin' thing? There's nothing to be proud of when you have the misfortunate of not being able to speak your Mother Tongue proficiently. Do you find the French or Italians ever proud of not understanding their native languages?! If you ever have the chance to interact with people from non-English speaking countries regularly, you'll be impressed with their fierce pride for their heritage and race.

Also, to assume that your poor command of Mandarin is a factor that goes into you not being "ah lian", is to make myopic assumptions about the lingua franca of "ah lians".

I don't think any "ah lian" really has an impressive command of Mandarin. Watered down, colloquial bastardisation of a truly beautiful language would be a more apt description of what they have "ontributed" to the Mandarin language. And don't they mostly speak Hokkien, in any case? BTW, Hokkien IS the lingua franca of the Army. If you didn't know that. =)

kureii: not sure if i got your nick right. Please share the pics ASAP. I'm waiting in anticipation, ok?? =)

Agagooga said...

Why should the "Race" we are born into dictate the languages we speak? I could similarly posit that: "There's nothing to be proud of when you have the misfortunate of not practising the religion of your forefathers, do not eat their food and do not practise their customs - eg binding women's feet"

At least Ah Lians can speak the bastardised patois which passes for mandarin in Singapore. Some people (eg me, presumably her) cannot even manage that :)

And Hokkien IS NOT the lingua franca of the Slave Army. For cursing, maybe, but the lingua franca is the aforementioned patois.

Anonymous said...

Really? My bf told me that Hokkien's commonly used in the Army. Maybe different culture for different units/vocations then. =P

Archaic customs of a bygone era, especially when fuelled by ignorance, are not the same as something as fundamental as your mother tongue. Is one's native language tied to race or not? No one can dispute that.

I don't see Caucasians rejecting their native tongue because they used to burn alleged witches on stakes or for the atrocities of the Inquisition. So i don't really see the merit in your analogy. =)

k said...

The SAF No 1 looks like a waiter's uniform!? Now I am taking extreme offence - No one calls the attire I wear on my commissioning day a waiter's uniform! No one! That label belongs to the SAF No 2, not the No 1. I didn't go through 9 months of shit just to wear a waiter's uniform on graduation day; I treat all who dare to refer to it [the No 1] as such with extreme prejudice.

Agagooga said...

Commonly used - but for what? Clarify it.

FYI, your mother tongue is your dialect, not Mandarin. Besides which, my point is that your genes should not determine what language you speak; such is a ridiculous proposition. Unless they should determine your customs, religion, diet and more. And calling all those archaic while language is not is surely a copout.

What language should those of mixed race speak then, hmm?

See: My banana post -

Anonymous said...

yeah. My hormone sensors go all crazy when I see the men in the number 4.

Anonymous said...

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