Thursday, February 03, 2005

this's for the ladies!

i think the stuff posted below will send some of the readers into waves of orgasmic pleasure.

this's my coy in bmt.

before embarking on 24km. all bloody happy cos 16km was a cakewalk to us.

most of my platoon.

and finally, my section in MP Basic. the no.3 looks pretty sharp eh? its tailormade for us, and too bad mine wasnt ready due to some alterations that's why im in no.4.


Merenwen said...


Lun, I could just give you a big sloppy kiss for this!!!

I think I'm gonna have an orgasm on the spot.

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU LUN!!!!! *muacks muacks muacks*

Wait. *deep breath* Must control my animal instincts. *deep breath*

Naughty Sheena! Naughty! No, girl! You got a boyfriend! *slaps hand*

Ahem. Ok. I'm... somewhat under control.

In the last pic, who are those 2 gorgeous hunks, the one on the extreme left and the one right in the middle, both in the front row?

And... where are you in all these pics?

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! bueh dong man! *lets out primal scream of ecstacy*

Lun, I'm torn between loving you and wanting to kick your ass for being so evil as to post these pics and turning me into a screaming, giggly, unfaithful, animalistic bimbo!

Merenwen said...

Oh wait, I just read your caption for the last pic... YOU'RE that hot hunk on the extreme left in the front row that I noticed immediately!

Wow, Lun, you're gorgeous! Especially in No. 4?

How old are you? Are you single? What's your height? Weight? Penis size?

Errr... forget that last question. LOL~

*slaps face* Shit, I have a boyfriend, why are you doing this to me?!

But I have to admit, my bf isn't half as good-looking as you. In all seriousness.

Merenwen said...

Ok, my 3rd comment because I really, really cannot take it.

Someone drag me away from here!!!

Lun, you're cute man. WOW.

By any chance, is your full name Zhou Jie Lun? I'll give you brownie points if it is. LOL~

And by the way, you can get my email add from Mr Miyagi, Mr Brown or Agagooga anytime. *winks* Agagooga also has my phone number.

*slaps face again*

See what you've done to me lah! You turned me into a shameless self-promoting slut!

kureshii said...

Damn, Lun, you beat me to the coy photo. I'm still figuring out how to get the bloody shot to fit into my A4 size scanner =P and that last photo is kinda blurry, so I still haven't really figured out who you look alot like jianbang though. grade my answer please.

Merenwen said...

I don't believe it, i can't tear my eyes away from the pics!

Yes, I am really this deprived. I haven't been this ecstatic ever since Man Utd won the Treble in 1999, I think.

lun said...

haha kureshii i used the smaller 5R pic, not the 6R one on the cardboard with all the names.

sheena, oh my god u're scaring me! im way too young for u ok? only 20 this year =X and er about 1.73m, 70kg. rofl i can't believe im posting all these. all in the name of good fun! (its all the truth though :D)

Merenwen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Merenwen said...

Oh, and I have a friend who's 23, while her boyfriend is 20, and they get along famously. Who says younger guys - older girls combinations don't work? Maybe we should try it out first before passing judgement, don't you think? Seriously. I'm dead serious here.

lun said...

haha sheena relaxxxx. im sure i aint some greek god okay? in the 1st pic im in the back row, 8th man from the right. 2nd pic im the guy on the left in the front row crouching. 3rd i aint inside cos i was the photog. 4th pic, yeah like u noticed im the only one in no.4. and really, my name's not zhou jie lun hahaha.

lun said...

ALAMAK! u got a boyfriend! try what out?! dun get me into trouble! -runs away-

the.biatch said...

LUN. 1st row. right guy. think he's my coy mate. MOHAWK. 22 july intake. WE'RE THE BEST OF THE BEST OF BEST. =D

the.biatch said...

i can't wait for scarlett's reaction. damn. anyway, the ALICE backpackers in ROC coming up reallll soon. xD

lun said...

oh yeah yeah. andy. from mohawk. the indian guy beside him as well.

Mr Miyagi said...

ahem... ok guys, jamming my GMail inbox here. Wanna email each other instead?

Scarlett Ting said...


I am speechless.

The MP pic.. is... woohoo.. stunning.

everyone looks so.. i dunno. WOAH.

lun said...

haha the MP no.3 can make any bugger look good. cos its tailormade. if u're fat, it makes u look well-built. if u're skinny, no worries that the uniform will look baggy and accentuate ur skinniness. if u're blessed with a good bod, well, be prepared to have babes like sheena and ting falling all over u ;)

lun said...

oh and thanks to mr miyagi(i think) for resizing the pics. although ting might protest against being unable to view the pics in their full glory without needing to click links like sheena did :D

the.biatch said...

cant recognize the indian guy. have fond memories of Andy. meskinnyfuck Casevac him from point A to Point B. =/

Merenwen said...

Lun - "be prepared to have babes like sheena and ting falling all over u ;)"

Hell yeah, I'm not only falling, I've fallen hard, lock, stock and barrel. All your fault lah Lun!

Scarlett Ting said...

MAN! THE BODY! OH MY OH MY. SORRY AH. I kept reviewing the pictures leh. hahahahahaa... oh no. Demure, Ting, Demure.

erm, you mind letting all of them know i am single and very much available? *drools*

Merenwen said...

No Ting! Anyone else but Lun can? I mean it!

kureshii said...

*Phew* Thanks, lun, for taking all the attention off me ^_^ keep it up and I may get to keep my No 1 photos after all, hehe =)

lun said...

should i post up more pics of my pop? i realise i have a hell lot.

lun said...

and kureshii, dun think u can siam arrow. i think they're still waiting for ur pics lor. oops did i just remind them? *_*