Friday, August 19, 2005

Through the eyes of a (former) maggot...

T'was the middle of the month of June,
Came in 200 flaccid and pot-bellied poly stuns,
Nerdy and pale totally unfit and untrained,
Scared like puppies they were absolutely restrained.

They have heard frightful horror stories,
Of suffering and crying recruits oh so scary,
Till they learnt of the company they're posted to,
Many wished that it was never true.

The instructors looked intimidating and damned,
Shouted at them in their first few hours in camp,
"Move it before I bust your ass"!
Rantings and screamings for hours it would last.

And soon enough they begin to learn,
How to get fitter how to not to yearn,
We trained them hard but no without a cause,
As tough as steel to last through the course.

Field camp came and field camp went,
7 days of hell they thought it would never end,
Leopard crawls as bashas fall,
Misery and suffering was all they could recall.

Technical packages was such a chore,
Back to study again oh what a bore,
Then again no one ever throws a grenade,
Without knowing its do's and don'ts in a snap.

Now its time for them to rest,
Major events were a thing of the past,
Marching in company level soon began,
Rehearsals for parades how exciting it went.

19 more days to POP!
Overjoyed and too happy,
But indeed no one leaves the company,
Without a tinge of soulful longing.

An evening reminiscent of my days as a recruit,
Remembering the events no matter happy or crude,
Definitely made me stop and ponder,
How's my buddies or my past instrcutors?

Now I see from a different light,
Still dealing with recruits I cannot hide,
But when the urge to kill comes up to mind,
Days of suffering would be the bind.

One batch came one batch went,
Soon it will be my time to wend,
Trained 3 batches of maggots yes I did,
And 3 more batches till I'm ORD-ed!!!

I can't wait to resume my life.


OMFG!! said...

Remind me of my army days.. Oh ya.. you got 2 more year to wear green ya and with green IC..

lun said...

all hail the BMT instructors...

kureshii said...

Yeah, kings of tekong! How does it feel to actually have people to tekan?

On Eagle's Wings said...

Hahaha. Not really fun. I only give it to them when they deserve it. As long as punishments are justifiable, the recruits would not mind even if the punishments are tougher.

crackhead said...

even if punishments are justifiable, what makes you think they don't mind? is it because they don't say anything?

mintz said...

wow, hey, i think this is a great place! haha. and yar, wanted to say that this poem is quite nice, well written, and interesting. hmm :) found this blog while searching info for my project work, lol...

Anonymous said...

hi, your entry rekindles my memory as a rec and spec in tekong. cheers,