Sunday, May 07, 2006

ORD For Dummies: Part 2

Part 2 of a continuing series.
One month has passed since your 5-month ORD plan started, eh? Did all the previously-mentioned tips? Here's what to do next:

a) Continue saving up! You think one month enough, meh?

b) Check up on the understudy. Manpower might have forgotten ;-)
Or, if he's already here, start training him up! More work for you, yes, but the faster he learns the faster you can start doing other stuff. As far as possible don't hand-hold him through - nobody took over their appointment by handholding. Let him make mistakes and learn from them, under your guidance. He'll thank you for it.

c) Got approval for punishment-clearing plan? Good. Try not to accumulate any more. Unless you really don't give a damn.

d) Got approval for your leave forecast? Good. Need more time? No problem - there's still 4 months.

e) Started clearing your work? Good. Put that to-do list to good use! And try not to add any more items under the already-existing ones. Try to push them to the understudy, whether he exists or not. Nobody likes to take over a work in progress, so let them be the ones to initiate it.

Not much at this point in time, try to get the above done because next month you're going to be working your ass off.

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