Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Chao Keng" Street


For your interpretation, what sounds closer?

To act or pretend in order to impress others or escape being given extra duties or responsibilities.
1. "Don't chao keng lah, we know you very good, leow."
2. "No need to chao keng anymore... The other guy oreddy kena arrow."


Hokkien term meaning to expose one's underwear unintentionally.
"Don't look! Jane tsao k'ng again."

Definitions taken from the Coxford Dictionary


Gabriel Wu said...

The definition given for Chao Keng is not accurate. I think the definition more appropriately describes 'Wayang'.

Wayang is to act or pretend in order to impress others, especially superiors. Literally means show in Malay. (I think)

Chao Keng is the act of evading one's responsibilities.

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Mr Miyagi said...

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MaKan GuRu said...

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Jack Chen said...

My idea of the definition of
'Chao Keng' is trying to avoid doing something, particularly highly physical or monotonous stuff.

Other common terms that seem to carry similar definitions are 'Eat Snake' or 'Chiak Chuah'

It is used like a verb, 'Chao Kenging', Kenging, Eating Snake, blah, blah

To use as a noun, 'Keng King', 'Snake King', obviously there are versions of this term in the 4 official languages in Singapore, eng, chi, malay, tamil, also a host of other dialects and different indian languages with many more variants in translations in other languages.

Usually used to tease people who shirk responsibility or 'take cover' all the time.

Also used in preludes to reprimands before the more explicit terms erupts.

I have calmly observed various superiors when they do this action. The more senior ones like CSMs usually are more refined, they don't have to be loud but their carefully selected colourful vocab represents some of the worst things you will probably ever hear in your lifetime and you will really feel like you are what they are describing. They also give these reprimands within reasons. Meaning to say, most of the time, they really got reason to do these.

Of course, towards those newly minted leaders, like '3SG's' and '2LT' who like to use volume to mask their own ignorance and arrogance, I advise a caution in choice of words. More often than not, it's more amusing then effective.

Also, 2LT's who just get posted to units, don't get your men to keep saluting you, I know your colon was liberated by those people who taught you and in turn you want to liberate our colons, 'F our behind', you must understand, if I KNOW at the end of 9 months of getting colon irrigation, I will be a '2LT', cough'*sshole'cough, I will go through it too.

One comment here,

I believe that the cohesion and comradary found in OCS was due to the fact that they have this power bestow to them at the end, enabling them to endure a lot of things. 'Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY'

They use the same tactics on 'Men' but they don't know that we are serfs , doomed to serve out our lives unless we sign 'SELLING OUR LIFE' contracts '*ign-on!' or distinguish ourselves in War, which seemed distant on the horizon.

MaKan GuRu said...

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