Sunday, May 08, 2005

Singapore’s “martial tradition”

lzydata points to a talk on 20th May 2005 titled "In Search of A Singapore Martial Tradition”, to be held at the SAFTI Library Briefing Room (where they brief libraries).
The recent focus on Tan Kay Hai, the Singapore fighter pilot who flew over the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and Cheng Seang Ho, the 66 year old woman who fought the Japanese invasion in Dalforce, reveals that there have been Singaporeans who could be sources of inspiration in any attempt to construct a Singapore martial tradition.


Cherub said...

hmm, i didn't know we hv a fighter pilot that took part in the european theatre of WW2.

Jack Chen said...

Seriously speaking, I am wondering why there isn't much more media coverage of this. After all the hoo-ha every year on Lim Bo Seng's Death Anniversary, we actually have a veteran who flew over Normandy on D-Day. I mean, that was probably the ONLY link we wil ever have in connection to World War II in Europe.

I believe the SAF seriously requires reforms.