Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Back with more complaints.

As usual my complaints will be told within my context, because I don't presume to know how shitty your jobs are, but I'm sure anyone who plays with SAF emaildoes admin work> will feel the same way.

1. Please be more detailed in your "Subject:" heading. Sending me "Subject: vehicle indent" would be fine if you're the only one in the camp asking for vehicles, but when I get up to 15 requests in a day I'm not going to be able to find your email easily. And Outlook doesn't let you edit Subject: headings from morons, makes my job just that little bit easier. Which means that when you call to confirm your indent I'll have to put you on hold really long.

C'mon, would it kill you to at least include date and purpose under Subject:? "vehicle indent for AHM training on 140505 and 170505" is only 7 words more than "vehicle indent" but tells so much more. And when I reply you wouldn't be stuck with "Re: vehicle indent".

2. Stop spamming. Find out who needs to read your email, and send it only to them. If you're not sure who to request vehicles from I'll understand, and won't be so pissed if you send it to my subordinate, my boss, and my boss' boss. But when I'm the only one who replies I think it's time you got the idea, so please - stop - doing - it - repeatedly. Shotgunning mailing groups isn't going to improve your image either. I don't think I should have to tell you this.

3. If you're forwarding emails with attachments, and it is absolutely essential that the attachment follows the email, please check that the attachment is still attached before sending it. Outlook sometimes only includes a reference to the attachment, and nothing more. I understand that you check your email only once a day, which is why it is absolutely essential that you get it right the first time.

4. Stop abusing the "Reply All" button. the guy who sent out the original obviously has something important to say (unless he doesn't, in which case he's in for a good one), and if you, too, feel you have something the whole world must know, please don't address it to the universe. Use the Reply All button if you must, but please have the courtesy to trim my name from the list if I don't need to know how you feel about this whole razz-ma-tazz.

5. Please do not reply in a fit of anger. I make mistakes, and yes I do deserve to get scolded for that, but after replying with your scolding do you think you could include something useful in the rest of the email? I don't want to have to reply with an apology AND a meek request for information that is actually useful, you know. It kinda makes you look dumb and uncomposed, since I usually like to use the "Reply All" button in cases like this ;-)


oleandero said...

lol.. grab a glass of icy water man.

Agagooga said...

Outlook? No more MS Mail from 1993!

kureshii said...

Yeah. It's still equally crappy though - more user restrictions.

lip said...

since when did they switch to outlook? i was still using ms mail:) lol

Adolphus said...

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