Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ecstasy of a Parade

If you had applied for the NDP parade or preview tickets, and you have yet to receive a phone call by the end of today, your chances of winning the ticket is extremely remote to say the least. I should know better, I'm part of the team that was and still is fielding the phone calls to successful applicants. I nearly got my weekend burnt as a result, bar escaping via a fortunate rescheduled medical appointment yesterday. My friends are still stuck in camp, trying to contact people who left numbers that are uncontactable (don't ask me why they have to keep trying, try protocol).
It was an amazing experience being a telephone operator for an entire day, trying to field 200 calls, encountering all kinds of people. Even though it got weary as the day progressed, I maintained my courteous tone throughout my conversations, though it was quite amusing to see one of my platoon-mates talking to the person on the other line as he would to an ah beng friend. I now know its not easy being a telemarketer, or a telephone operator for that matter.

It was also an eye opener to hear the sheer elation of getting a pair of tickets to the preview, (yes just the preview only!), the nonchalant reactions, to the disappointment of a dad, who had wanted to bring his 4 year old infant and his wife along (yes I was sorry I couldn't help him).

Then of course there was this guy who seemed more like I was chasing him for bill payments:

(After confirmation of his IC number ...)

"Congratulations Sir, you have been allocated two NDP preview tickets"

"No no no!"

Click. Phone slammed on me.

(After consultation with my officer, tried again after 15 minutes)

"Afternoon sir, I called earlier about the NDP tickets"

"No no no, don't call me again."

Click. Great.

Overall, what can I say? It seems the perception that Singaporeans are not courteous seems unfounded, for most that I called were extremely polite, other than say one or two teenagers who couldn't care less. It also striked me how so many people got so ecstatic that they had simply received just two tickets to the preview, almost such that I'm ashamed of myself I couldn't care a hoot about the national day parade we servicemen spend so much work preparing for.

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Gerad said...

Had a friend who got the actual day NDP tickets (again).

Bless him that he got tickets to the actual show twice in a row.

Hai~Ren said...

For me, watching the parade as a spectator cannot compare to actually being a part of the parade itself, whether you're in the parade contingent, sai kang party, or whatnot.

lun said...

i have front row tickets this year, as a performer lol. not at the padang though, instead i'm in the heartlanders side.

SooHK said...

Hahaha, strange... maybe the thoughts of wining is not in their mind. They must be thinking something wrong somewhere..there is a catch... from random blog surfer...

kureshii said...

Well, I'm proud of myself knowing that I'll have one vehicle down at Marina on the day itself. Yeah, my vehicle. Not paid by me, but under my account. Want to find it, try the shabbiest-looking vehicle on the field.

Linus said...

i will be manning some barricades or ensuring ppl park their cars properly or something ... as part of the parade the closest I would get to seeing the parade would be like - the fireworks

Linus said...
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Linus said...

Sorry to all those who have not yet got a call, that's DEFINITELY put paid your chances of a ticket. NDP Parade and Preview tickets distribution start Friday, at Far East Square. However, the last call for tickets was made today.

For those of you who have won tickets, you can collect your tickets daily from 10 am to 8 pm till 3rd July. A collection booth should be set up on the ground floor.

xX y0n9q1n Xx said...

dont worry, there will be lots of off after NDP... (",)