Monday, June 27, 2005

The Finale

My tenure as a guard @ the padang came to an end today, hopefully, provided no one reports sick or somehow or rather can't make it (though its likely someone could conveniently fall sick over the weekend). Why would I not be surprised if the guy who is about to partner Pte Khor can't take it and decides to report sick? Since he already tried beforehand to request a change of partners?

Another astonishing fact I found out from Pte Khor himself was that he has got a girlfriend! I do empathize with his girlfriend for her ability to tolerate him, for 16 hours with him seem like eternity at times. I'm not trying to be mean here, but seriously I would applaud her for withstanding him where for me, it got to a point where, maybe he was trying to make conversations most of the time, but I was merely giving replies at a minimal. If you saw a guard @ the Padang today with a bespectacled, blur guy trailing behind, it was probably myself and Pte Khor in sequence.

Along the way, Pte Khor informs me that having been a soldier for more than a year, he doesn't know that 1700 hours stands for 5pm, and so instead of meeting at the MRT station at 5pm, he reached at 4pm. Walking past the Singapore Cricket Club, he spots light at the bar upstairs and asks if its a disco. Upon informing him that its just merely a bar, he seemed to show signs that he was in the mood for a dance that he almost broke into a dance there and then, thank god for it was late into the night.

Before heading out to prowl this afternoon, he overhead someone else's ringtone playing the song "Lonely" by Akon. Hell for me then, as he broke into his own rendition of the song, the only problem was that he was only singing:

"Lonely ... lonely ... lonely"

Yes all the way he just sang that, ahem the song might be titled LONELY, but there are more than just the words lonely in the lyrics. Walking across the Padang, he suddenly remarked, whilst staring at the dome of the former Supreme Court,

"Hey what temple is that?"

(Suddenly backtracking on his realization that it was nothing close to a temple)

"Oh, er nothing."

Goodness, he has been prowling the area for 2 days and he realized that a "temple" might have appeared out of the skyline all of a sudden ?!?

Oh, and somehow either someone ate up our money, or inflation must have hit Singapore overnight, for our breakfast consisting of 2 plain prata and 1 egg prata cost S$3.o0. However I wasn't going to bother too much about that, just wanted to get my duty over and done with and hope I never see Pte Khor again.

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banana said...

u have any ndp tix?? plssss

Linus said...

nope sorry ... ur best bet is 2 try the black market, or try to get a room in swissotel (though apparently its fully booked) - alternatively book a room on any of the saturdays leading up 2 ndp ... the performance is nearly the same - juz less the grace of the VIPs

banana said...

=( if u noe of any lobang to get the tickets, let me noe ok? thanks so much!

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