Thursday, November 24, 2005

"$5K can don't do NS"

Be world class pianist can pay $5000 siam NS and reservist, be world class penis can downgrade or not? Cheebye!!!!


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k said...

As an officer, I'm often told, "whatever you do, you better have a damned good explanation". I'd love to hear the guy(s) who gave the sentence explain themselves. Not because I don't agree with it (not to mean I agree, of course), but I'd really love to hear the reasoning behind such a stand before I make a judgment, because the outcome is so interesting I can't resist.

But I suppose such "matters of national security and integrity" are beyond my security classification, or that of the rest of the nation, huh? A world-class pianist (was he world-class yet when he 'pon' NS?) gets 2 years of his youth in return for S$5000 and a short voluntary term of exile, but the rest of the male population never gets the choice?

As a 2LT, every single day off my drivers take will be explained if requested. The senior officer(s)/member(s) of government who decided to give this guy 730 days off in return for $5K, please explain yourself/selves. You owe it.

This comment is classified STAF-IN-CONFIDENCE.

lun said...

eh jialat. my clearance i think until restricted nia. and i saw the comment!!!

k said...

Nah, post it here as good as UC (unclassified) already mah actually...

And S-I-C basically means only relevant personnel allowed to read. Which I suppose should include all who are serving, or have served NS.

Anonymous said...

eh guys, let's get this into perspective. if you can zao ns for 5k wouldnt you???

biang. i would man. so i dont really blame him lah. if you want, blame *$%^$@#% MINDEF lah.