Saturday, August 07, 2004


This is a classic which I've heard from various sources quite a few times:

I dunno about the rest of you, but prior to the army, I had never been naked in the presence of other guys.. and mind you, I was in the garang NJC dragonboat team and all, so I'm no wuss..

Anyways, during the physical test a few months before enlistment for BMT, X (as with all other guys) was made to line up in his underwear with 9 other guys, waiting to see the army doctor.. at some point, everyone is told to pull their undies down to their knees... "turn your head to the left and cough" was the instruction and test to determine if one suffered some medical ailment.. hernia or something..

X grabs the tip of his dick with his thumb and forefinger, directs it to the left, and coughs..


Mr Miyagi said...

Urban/NS legend, this one!

Woof! said...

what's it actually used to test for anyway?

Mr Miyagi said...

Hernia, I think? Or they're just fucking with us? I had a classmate we scared shitless by telling him the medical exam consisted of the doctor holding your dick to see if you got a stiffie, and if you did, you were sent to the gay platoon.

Woof! said...

haha, we were such bigots then huh?

but it was a relief not getting a stiffie when mine was manhandled by a lady doctor during the MOE checkups in sec 4.. heh

Solacend said...

Hey guys,

When you cough, your testicals are supposed to rise.

The test isn't for homosexuality (if you think about it, would you even get a boner if it's a sexy lady doctor or would you be too embarrassed to get one?)... it's to test that certain muscle groups are in working order.