Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Army Daze...just like in the movie

Since this is my virgin contribution, I'd like to do a very brief run through of my 2 yrs 4 mths (shaved 2 mths off since I passed *IPPT at Toa Payoh Stadium, but maybe not a good thing after all) stint in the SAF. Hopefully it will act as a self-intro of myself as well. Of course, I will leave the details and elaborations to future posts.

Since most of my kakis were either drafted into the police force (most of my then buddies were Malays), or went in earlier due to failing or not taking their IPPT, I boarded the 3-tonner headed for 3BTS Nee Soon camp with total strangers. I see some lucky bastards who at least have a friend or 2 to talk to, my morale was super low.

Collected my barang-barang at **GSMB and waited at the company line.
When I was told that I was in 'Foxtrot' platoon, I sweared to myself, 'Shit' that meant the 4th floor for me. Come change parade (a 'game' the PCs and Sgts like to play with us), die la.

So I made my way up, and was looking for an empty bed in the 4 or 5 bunks there. Mmm, passed by this room with a bed still not taken. The fellas inside look enthusiastic and friendly enough. Tall, cheerful, and smiley guy - check. Big, stocky, US marines looking guy - check. Small, nerdy, specky, sabo-king type guy - check. Big eyed, red lipped, and pretty boy type - check. Guy who ate too much kantang (the ang moh pai) - check. Ah Bengs - double check. Man, this is gonna make a classic section man. Just like in the local movie Army Daze. I'm in. Oh, FYI, I was the stand-up kinda guy who mix equally well with all types and who will defend the weak. No kidding.

Time flew by so fast. The rest of my 'Tour of Duty' were spent in FEP (flying experience program), MINDEF, School of Signals, HQ 3rd Brigade. I suffered a serious and permanent injury during BMT, and got downgraded right at the end of my NSF days. Met a lot of good and bad people.

There were days which literally made me cry, and others which gave me such a good time that it never fail to put a smile on my face.

I will return with more, soon.

*individual physical proficiency tests
**General Supply Management Base (correct me if I'm wrong)


Mr Miyagi said...

Welcome aboard!

I think GSMB is General Supply & Maintenance Base. Their motto is "Strive to Maintain", which I always thought hilariously underachieving.

veola said...

Yes, I'm sure you are right. Makes sense too since they repair lots of stuff over there. I stand corrected.

Woke up at 4am? Or you're a night owl like myself?

cokecat said...

Foxtrot in Nee Soon for BMT?!? I did my BMT there and with Foxtrot company too! haha...i had to do the 2months of FTP :P Was your OC Ron De Silva? I remember being on the top floor too man, damn place!

I was caught in a change up too as in halfway through my BMT, Foxtrot 21 for me was changed to Jaguar Company.

kureshii said...

no shit man, i'd go down for 5bx at 5.30 and see the foxtrot guys running round my block, charlie company (which meant delta company too, those pizza-guzzling scholars. long story, this one. will post soon.)