Monday, August 09, 2004

Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger

This post is on Army Food.. am sure the rest of you have lotsa stories, so just email your addresses to us, or add as comments...

Throughout BMT, the only things I remember were actually quite edible were:
a. Lor Mai Gai for breakfast
b. Braised chicken thigh with rice for dinner
c. Curry chicken thigh with rice
d. Soo Chow Fried Rice
e. Kueh Lapis...

Everything else was on a vile-ness scale... the ones I remember being most nasty:
1. braised mutton..
2. chee cheong fun.. so hard and dry I've seen cracked ones..
3. mee rebus... with the cooked noodle flipped out of the inverted metal container, and the cook using his bare hands to claw a bit for you...
4. friend vegetables with sand...

What's amazing is how the tastiness depends on the ambience... my best meals were out in the field, where we had instant noodles and sardine sandwiches... squatting in a circle under truly starry nights in Thailand... followed by Marlboro reds to get rid of the fishy taste.. heh...

{Ed: The official bit on Army food can be found here}


aGent X said...

When we were in Police Academy, we were spoilt for (non)choice. It was only halal food for all, and without beef items out of the respect for our Buddhist trainees.

But I can't complain about the food in the mess hall, there were lots of rice, chicken, soupy vegetables and on Fridays it will be western menu (ie: more chicken chops and sometimes Fish and Chips). Food was rather abudant, but bland diet, and oftenm, we will 'skip' dinner at the mess and having it at the paying-cafeteria instead. At times, we will 'illegally' cook instant noodles for supper and I have many times skipped breakfast becoz of sleep :)

To think about having to carry your own tin plate and cups and marching around the Academy to reach the mess hall and caferia.

Somehow, it made anything you eat sumptous. Luckily it was only 3 months stint for me there and everything I had to return to Police Academy for shooting tests and courses, I would be disappointed as we were not allowed to eat at the mess hall anymore :-(

jon said...

there was the rather edible chicken rice with the huge genetically modified chicken drumstick (i kid you not) that they served on enlistment day in tekong. remember some recruit's younger brother going 'gor, your chicken here bigger than the one ma give us at home... i can't wait to enlist.'

rude awakening, he's going to get.

also, somehow always felt that the level of food served in cookhouses depends on who's the highest ranking officer in the camp. for example, i thought safti had good food (we ate everything then, and asked for extras); then i went to pasir laba camp cookhouse (voted best cookhouse in saf)... plc's general must be a bigger shot than safti's.

ok, what about mindef then? ah, therein lies the clincher. it has the best food any soldier could ask for - canteen offering civilian food. downside is that you have to pay.

anyway if mindef had a cookhouse, imagine the trouble they would have coming up woth daily menus for the stars...

kren said...

the fact is, there is a senior officer's lunch club in mindef. they do pay a subscription, but they get decent food. and it's for Branch heads and above, so minimum rank to enter is basically MAJ. so if there is a cookhouse in MINDEF, they dont worry about the stars anyway.