Sunday, July 09, 2006

stories about my RQ

My RQ was one of the slightly more annoying people I knew during my NS. Here's a encounter I had with her just before my ORD.

I was going to Alexandra Hospital for an appointment. She told me that if I finish before 5.30pm I would have to come back to camp. I had absolutely no intention of going back to camp as I was sweaty and so was my uniform.

I finished my appointment around 4 o'clock. So after that I just walked around the hospital for awhile. Then I went to the McDonalds in Queensway to get a drink. by the time I finished, it was 5 o'clock. So I called her office phone and told her that I've finished already. What she told me next was totally outrageous. She said since the time is 5pm, she'll let me go half an hour early. But tomorrow I have to make it up by staying in camp half an hour later.

That was really unfair. She should have told me this before I left not after. So on my way back home, I sent a message to my S4 telling him what happened. About 15 minute later, the RQ sent me a message saying 'you better call me now'.

So I called her and she started yapping at me, clearly annoyed that she had lost face. So she asked me 'do you think what I did is right, tell me now.' Being the blunt person that I am, I told her straight to her face: NO.

So the next morning during our usual morning briefing, I was a real hot topic with the RQ asking me all sorts of irrelevant questions about the previous day. Basically, she was trying to embarass me. Knowing the cynical person that she is, I just took it in my stride.

But I knew she took it personally though. She told all the other storemen not to sign my clearance until the very last day.


incognito said...

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incognito said...

search for army. u have 2 register yrself 1st. be advised the forums are very addictive!