Friday, November 10, 2006

Talc the map now!

In a thread about slavery spelling/pronunciation, someone wondered what "telt" / "talc" (the clear plastic sheeting you cover maps and other things with) really was.

I pondered over this for a while, and then suddenly remembered that I'd hit upon the right answer years before in a brainwave - it's actually "tarp", short for "tarpaulin". Many are resistant to this idea, since they think tarpaulin must be opaque and thick, but I've dug up many graphic illustrations of clear plastic tarp:

DEKE - Cornell

Thoughts on Restoring a Morgan
Introduction to Media Blasting

Healthy Lawns—Site preparation: Soil solarization

57 Ways - 15. Solarize Soil

WAN in Lab: Facilities: Pictures and Schematics - gallery: \WIL\2004-12-09 Adjustable Shelves + Corning Fiber Spools + Plastic Tarp

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Anonymous said...

I've actually researched this before haha. It's actually TALC, from talc mica, a transparent mineral.

More info, from

talc n. [Eng., origin unkn.; poss. < talc mica, a crystalline mineral which can be used as a glass substitute] Also telt. mil. In full, talc sheet: a clear plastic sheet on which map overlays are drawn.
198? Bernard Peh Chin Ann “A Soldier’s Story” Pioneer 13 We knew that the reality of a marked arrow on a plastic talc at Headquarters meant hours of cross terrain bashing. 2002 Koh Boon Pin & Lee Geok Boi Shoulder to Shoulder 26 Change the exercise telt sheet.

One does learn something new everyday! Hopefully you did too!

On Eagle's Wings said...

What on earth is fannalite? Hahaha. I never got the correct spelling and pronounciation. I'm ashamed to be an ex bmtc instructor. But then again pride 1 kg how much?

Mr Miyagi said...

Ah, it's actually 'Flannelette'. And I've heard some people calling it Fanta Lite.

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