Thursday, April 14, 2005

All in a day's work

This is my first contribution to this shared blog. I'd originally planned to put in another entry which contains pictures, but I do no have official clearance from my unit (bmtc) S2 to use my camera phone.

This was a short experience of one of my COS (company orderly sergeant) duty.

It was on a Sunday, therefore there were no duties to be done. Meaning that the COS would most probably be watching dvds, playing x-box or ps2 or most commonly sleeping.

I was mindlessly watching Terminator III in the company office when suddenly the phone rang.


Sigh. I paused the dvd player and walked over to the phone.

Me(in false cheery voice): "Good afternoon, Mohawk COMPANY"

Unknown : "Erm did anyone call my handphone juz now ah?"

Me(puzzeled look) : "No mam, no one called you, you are miss..?"

Unknown : "I am Mrs.Ng. Sure no one called me ah?"

Me(exasperated look) : "Yes, I'm sure mam' no one called you."

Mrs.Ng : "Erm ok. Must be wrong number. By the way ah, what does your COMPANY deal in?"

Me(tongue-in-cheek): "RECRUITment mam."

Mrs.Ng: "Orh. Ok. Bye bye."

Hahaha. Recruitment. Ignorant aunties. Heh.

All in a day's work I guess.


Agagooga said...

Clearance? No one cares about camera phone clearance!

On Eagle's Wings said...

Eh? I dun care also. Which is why i trigger happy in camp. But i heard that the pictures that can be posted up here should be cleared. So i decided not to post blogs with uncleared pics. So is it 'safe' to post uncleared pics up here?

Anthony said...

Doubt it - but punishment really depends on how well they can track your IP address.

Wind Feynman said...

come on, who will be so boliao to punish you on photos unless it's really something classified or what... like.. some super secret weapon platform?

kureshii said...

only the super-garang ones, like maybe some MPs, would go to the extent of tracking down your IP address. i managed to download pics of stripped M16s with my mobile phone - don't think anyone got them there.

but just to be safe, stay away from military vehicles, CE items (e.g. signal sets and night-fighting eqpt), zoomed out shots of buildings, etc. just what i know and postulate from personal knowledge of how intel dept (s2/g2) works. i'm no encyclopedia though; check with someone from MSD if you can.

some camps are stringent on handphone camera checks, but not if you drive into camp, preferably with a senior commander ;-)

Agagooga said...

Only Blogger has the IP addresses of people who post photos here. Unless they're going to trace the time you posted the pictures and ask the ISPs... In which case you can fake the time of posting :)

MSD will tell you no cameras are allowed - period. I wonder when they'll wake up to reality and realise that their faux obsession with security actually hurts the cause.

lun said...

sheesh i really shouldn't be reading all this. inaction by me = dereliction of duty :p

Aristocrat said...

(OT) Somehow, this blog gives me the feel of MIW forum. Hahaha..Does anyone here post there?