Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ever wondered...

We keep wondering what a real war would be like. Ever wondered what things would be like after the war?

1. Pack up shop. Fatigue party bury dead bodies or load into tonner.
2. Route march back to camp, FBO attire.
3. Cool down exercise. Water parade. Check strength.
4. Unload FBO in bunk. Eat night snack. Clean weapon.
5. Clean stores, return stores, sign in stores. Issue 1206s, posthumously if necessary. Write statements for investigation.
6. Inspect weapon. Oil weapon. Sign in to armskote.
7. All weapons inspected. Lights out.
8. Next day. Flag raising to half-mast. Breakfast at cookhouse.
9. SBO attire, back to warzone. Pick up RAI (ammo cartridges). Pick up lost items. Bury combat rations.
10. Post-war admin complete. Sir, can take Off Pass anot?


crackhead said...

i shouldn't have a problem going 2 war then!

Dewee said...

I always wonder how ready we are when the crunch time comes. I think if we can tahan 3 days waiting for international intervention to come in the event of an invasion, I will be mightily surprised.

Agagooga said...

Yeah right

kureshii said...

i suppose you might, if you know where to hide. i know some clerks who probably can disappear for days without anyone noticing or finding them.

MaKan GuRu said...

Wah must still go back and collect ammo cartridge and lost items huh? Who thought up of that smart one? Trust me in a real war, when we were done, we won't even be thing about going back to the war zone. We would all be so mentally scared and drained that i think most of us would just be zoned out for a month or two or just crying in a corner somewhere.