Monday, April 18, 2005

played CounterStrike the whole week and it SUCKS!

I've always enjoyed playing Counterstrike. A memorably fun game for many guys. Yes, CS is very fun. Until that unfortunate week. That week of training was dedicated to urban warfare. In particular its called Fighting In Built-Up Areas(FIBUA).

Indeed it was a week of running into rooms, kicking doors, climbing up stairs and ladders, jumping from windows to windows, camping at rooftops, etc.

For one it was a much awaited change from fighting in the jungles for once(goodbye u stoopid mosquitoes!). We arrived at FIBUA village at Lim Chu Kang area with much anticipation and excitement. 5 days of urban warfare definitely sounds better compared to 3 days of jungle training.I am definitely not going to bore all u ppl with the details of my training. But allow me to highlight some of the things i learnt in FIBUA training.

Fact#1: It is never possible to do a 'Jackie Chan' and storm a building full of terrorist alone.(Ever wondered why you only see it in movies?)

Fact#2: Never fire blanks in an enclosed area without your earplugs on. I nearly went deaf after the first day.(forgot my friggin earplugs! Grrr.) Sheesh.

Fact#3: Your buddy is your only key to survival in urban warfare. Dun leave home without it!(unless u got eyes at the back of ya head too)

Fact#4: It is irritating when you storm from the first level to the fifth storey only to hear your instructor shouting 'semua'!(redo the whole thing from ground floor) because you forgot to shout 'House Cleared'! at the end. You will die from all the running. Trust me.

Fact#5: Check every corner of every room. If not check and checkmate to ya.

Fact#6: Of every Urban Warfare operation, less than 20%(according to instructors) of the troops will survive. God willing, may we never have to fight in one.

Fact#7: Better clean ur weapon, if it screws up, you'd get screwed too.

All in all, it was a good experience that week. Was literally playing CS. Sigh. If only I can train permanently in urban warfare. Good bye grass, hello concrete. Oh well.


lun said...

FIBUA's rather fun, in my opinion. during my training my section was given a hell lot of ammo cos we had to clear this 5 storey building, with about 4-5 rooms per storey and enemy lurking in the stairwells also. each of us had like 5-6 full mags, and between my 3-man team we took turns to be the first man into the room. after the house was cleared i still had about 2 full mags left. since we were told to finish off all our ammo as they didnt want to send back the unexpended rounds my sect com simply told me to switch to auto, point out the window and "just whack". and really, the feeling u get when u zua a full mag on full auto is bloody orgasmic. u feel damn shiok, until u get back to camp and strip the bloody M-16 to clean. the botl carrier took me 6 hours. nuff said.

kureshii said...

You can chiong a building alone (said with suspicious frown on face), but you'll need a sandbag full of greandes to do that ;-)

and it's "semula", not "semua". damn words are hard to get right, huh? experienced it before.

shag? you bet. have you tried lugging a GPMG to the roof (of the 3-storey building) via the vertical ladder before?

among moggies (logisticians), fibua is characterised by 2 things: high ammo expenditure and high casualty rate. you should see the thigns they plan for behind the scenes - amount of ammo and medical supplies indented is crazy.

hay weilin said...

I recalled one incident during my FIBUA training when we have to clear the second storey though a manhole(without the cover).
One of us lobbed a grenade up and waited for it to explode.We heard "tok...tok..tok...".To our horror, the grenade had rebound off the walls of the second floor and dropped back right where it came from!
Screams of "Sh**!","F**K! and CB filled the 1st floor as everyone jumped,ran and crawled for the nearest door and window.
Luckily, we all escaped in time or else my whole section would have been declared as KIA.

lun said...

hay weilin: now u remind me. i had one totally embarrassing incident happen to me as well. i approached this room from the side and flattened my back against the wall beside the door and was about to throw a thunderflash in. normally we throw it in with a backhand throw, with the palm striking the wall as the thunderflash's released. apparently i didn't release the thunderflash when my palm struck the wall, so the ignited thunderflash actually rebounded off the outer wall and dropped right in front of me. my team started screaming "CHEEBYE! TAKE COVER!" and dived into the room to siam the bloody thunderflash. next thing we knew, our sect com was yelling at us, "COCKHEADS! U FUCKING SIAM THE GRENADE BUT WHY THE HELL U JUMP INTO THE ROOM?! ENEMY STILL THERE! SEMULAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

On Eagle's Wings said...

You bet. To put so much effort only to hear your instructor shout *semula! Hahaha.. But I guess I'll probably never have a chance to do that again maybe until reservist. But looking back now I do miss those days when I lugged my ultimax up and down the ladder. Hahaha.

The Panopticon said...

i did my fibua in neo tiew a couple of months back, it was a platoon level thing so sections 1 and 3 took the 3rd floor and sections 2 and 4 (mine) took the last floor. So in section 2, we have this guy, lets call him L, he was a big time joker cos he was errr very funny but thats not the point, the point was, my section was doing our room clearing training at the first unit of the 4th floor while section 2 was doing it just 3 units away from us, and my group had just thrown in a thunderflash and was waiting for the bang, what we didnt know, was that L's group also threw a thunderflash in their respective room, and my group's thunderflash went off first, but due to the fact that it was a confined area, the thunderflash bang from our side was so loud, L thought it was HIS thunderflash so he happily ran into the room and proceeded to bang bang bang ba......then he stopped and wondered why nobody joined him...he turned around and in spectacular slow motion, he saw the thunderflash fuse hissing before his eyes, turned around and saw the door behind him close (due to the wind) and his buddies were going "hong kan!!"....then BANG!!!!

his buddies, sect comm all opened the door and saw him standing there wide eyed, rifle still cocked and just shivering a little, poor guy got a huge shock about it but that incident made him the laughing stock of our platoon, god i miss fibua

Lance said...

there was this fibua mission we did with some aussie guys. so what happens is we're clearing a multi-storey house level by level so of course the enemy simulators on the roof know we're coming.

so this one enemy decides, "hey, if i sit on the manhole cover, the troopers trying to come up are gonna get stuck on the ladder, maybe with an ignited thunderflash in hand!"

what he didn't account for was a massive aussie leading the way, who, with a huge shove, sends the manhole cover - not to mention the enemy - flying off.

no doubts as to who won that mission...

andrew said...

"the feeling u get when u zua a full mag on full auto is bloody orgasmic."

yeah boy... i remember once i played enemy simulator... pumping mag upon mag of blanks at the recruits... on auto mode...

we had a pool of 6 rifles (from the attend b personnel) and 3 ammo boxes of blanks...

i pity the owners of the six rifles. sick still have to clean up the mess caused by me and my pc. heh.

kureshii said...

oops, typo. loggie, not moggie.

kureshii said...

oh yeah, i remember one incident when my section was chioning a room. friend threw grenade into room, dummy grenade went to opposite corner of room, fell into hole in the corner (in the lim chu kang FIBUA area, ther eis a hole in one corner of the room, presumably for drainage). of course, since we took cover immediately after throwing the grenade, we were completely unaware. chionged in, saw the enemy, then you should've seen the look on our faces when the enemy started shooting.

"ooi, you dead already leh!"
"where got? your grenade went into the hole leh" *point to hole*
"wah, kanina..."